The Only True Way to Control
Your Destiny and Manifest Your Heart’s Desires...Quickly AND Permanently

As a PhD., I’ve uncovered the secrets of success, happiness, prosperity, and abundance and
I’ve devised the ultimate system to achieve
every single one of your dreams.

Hi Friend [Desperate to Escape the Rut and Live an Amazing Life],

You’ve landed here because you want CONTROL. You want a life filled with freedom, abundance, and prosperity. You’ve tried in the past, but keep running into a brick wall.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there too.

Thankfully, I climbed out of it. (More about my background shortly…) More importantly, I’ve helped countless people like you. I showed them how to reprogram their minds, gain total control, and create a future, a path, a destiny—EXACTLY as they hoped and dreamed...

The frightening part is, before they found me, they came dangerously close to giving up.

I’m sure you’ve tried to break free of your self-imposed barriers and chains, and unlock your psychological prison bars. Without the right formula, it’s an exercise in futility.

Would you love to boost any of the following?

  1. Relationships
  2. Job and career success
  3. Health, energy, and fitness
  4. Family concerns
  5. Weight loss and nutrition
  6. Love life
  7. Stress and anxiety
  8. Depression
  9. Addiction
  10. Social anxiety
  11. Avoidance
  12. Fear of success
  13. Financial problems
  14. Overall happiness and fulfillment

If you answered “yes” to even one of these, you’ll want to keep reading. If you answered “yes” to two or more—the knowledge you amass in the next few minutes will be truly life-altering.

The REAL Obstacle Blocking Your Desires

You know you have it in you. You’re passionate and driven, you have talent, brains, communication skills, and you’ve succeeded before.

Yet the emptiness lingers...

No matter how hard you try, you cannot achieve happiness. You have desires, dreams, and cravings for abundance, success, ladder-climbing, wealth, prosperity, being respected, and great social skills. Deep down, you know you can do anything.

Yet you can’t seem to shake the feeling that your MIND...

Is your own WORST ENEMY.

Well, let me tell you—you’re 100% RIGHT.

Your mind is sabotaging your chance to succeed, and attain abundance, joy, prosperity, and happiness. But here’s the good news...

Your mind KNOWS it works for YOU. It’s your best friend, and it’s well-intentioned. It wants you to succeed. In fact, it’s as desperate as you are.

Because IT IS YOU! (It just gets confused, as I’ll explain soon.)

Deep down, really deep, in an area you’ve never consciously visited, the primordial depths of your “subconscious blueprint” control virtually everything you do. If your brain were a computer, its central processing unit would be located in the depth of your subconscious.

That’s where decisions are made, your future is determined, and your destiny is preordained.

You Cannot Afford to Waste Any More Time...

You know that a “quick-fix” is worthless. You’ve been around the block, and learned the hard way that they do more harm than good. Same goes for a soft “feel-good” approach, and a “painkiller”—it may treat symptoms, but it’ll leave your problems intact.

I bet you don’t even like the terms “symptoms” and “problems”. You’re not sick. You don’t need healing. You just need your mind to work properly, the way it’s SUPPOSED to.

You need to free yourself...from YOURSELF.

Once you’re free, you’ll be able to reprogram and re-create your “subconscious blueprint”.

My exclusive Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis System does just that. It includes:

  1. Step-by-step method to self-hypnotize
  2. The secret to bypassing your “inner gatekeeper”
  3. An instant “trigger method” to make the process fast and easy
  4. The formula to rewrite your subconscious blueprint
  5. How to anchor your Deliberate Creation using your ESP
  6. How to take inspired action
  7. And lots more

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The Optical Illusion We Call “Control”

Since childhood, you’ve been lead to believe that your conscious mind makes most (or all) decisions. Only recently have science and psychology experts discovered—that’s a COMPLETE AND UTTER FALLACY.

A mirage. Illusion. Fabrication.

We convince ourselves, because we’re desperate to believe we are in control. It’s perhaps our most basic human need—to control our lives and the events around us. We NEED to be “behind the wheel”. We crave it. We can’t manage without it.

We lie to ourselves, and reinforce that lie, over and over.

It feeds itself, snowballs, and convinces us we control our destiny. Which actually wouldn’t be so bad...

IF life ran smoothly.

But whose life runs smoothly? Nobody I’ve ever met. Life is tough, stressful, rocky, unstable, and confusing. It’s filled with marital issues, health problems, tension at work, arguments, loss of confidence, financial problems, struggles with weight, and way more.

And whom do we blame? Ourselves, of course! After all, WE are in control, aren’t we???

Let me say unequivocally...


The worst part is we blame ourselves. We delude ourselves that we’re in control, so we MUST be at fault. Right? There MUST be something wrong with us. We fail, mess up, make mistakes, lose friends, embarrass ourselves, make bad decisions—and life goes sour.

It crushes our confidence, and makes us feel inadequate. We feel like “losers.”

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The Truth Behind the Happiness, Success, and Prosperity VOID (most people are blind to this)

The good (actually great) news: There is nothing wrong with you!

You’re amazing, capable, and loaded with potential, talent, and superb qualities. You’re also smart, personable, sharp, and have EVERY tool to be wildly successful. Insanely successful.

You don’t need to be “fixed”. You’re not “broken.”

If so, what are you missing? At first you won’t believe me, but I can prove it...

You’re NOT missing ANYTHING.

Success is within your grasp. With your dreams and desires. You have all the elements. But they’re blocked—by a barrier YOU created, one that has metastasized and ballooned out of control.

My proof? Look at virtually all successful people. Ever notice they almost always failed BEFORE they succeeded? AND—they almost always fail AFTER they succeed, too.

They come back from the dead, again and again.

Now ask yourself—how can anybody overcome such heavy adversity, challenge, opposition, and failure—and keep clawing away till they achieve crazy success? How can lightning strike two, three, four, and five times? What is their SECRET?

Good karma? Do their stars align differently? Genetic predisposition? Dumb luck???

Answer: None of the Above!

Their “trick” to failing, then succeeding, then failing again, then succeeding...The secret to their miraculous ability to “keep on keepin’ on”…is they have something we wish we had...

CONTROL. They’re in the drivers’ seat. They’re the quarterbacks. “Running the show.” Plain and simple.

How DO they control their destiny? That, my friend, is the $64,000 question. But today—is not about questions.

Today is all about...ANSWERS!

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The Only Thing You Can Really Control...

The secret to controlling your to gain control of pretty much the only thing you CAN—and thankfully, the only thing you will ever NEED to control.

Once you discover this secret, you’ll hold the key to a life filled with happiness, prosperity, abundance, and genuine bona fide success.

Before I explain the science (as I will shortly, and I think it will blow your mind), here’s a bit about myself. My name is Dr. Robert Anthony. 30 years ago, when most self-help “gurus” and personal healers were in diapers, I became a pioneer in a not-yet-popular and relatively obscure field.

I discovered things that (at the time) were shocking and life-changing. Now, 30 years later, the world is finally starting to catch up. (That’s why they asked me to be in the film “The Secret”. Though I was forced to decline, because sadly, it missed the bigger picture.)

I’ve spent 3 decades devoted to the study of one thing—YOU.

You don’t need to be Freud, or a neurosurgeon, to know that the human mind is our central processing unit. It’s what makes you “tick”.

But here’s the astonishing, shocking, mind-numbing part. (I hope you’re sitting down.)

The more that doctors, scientists, academics, and researchers discover about the HUMAN BRAIN—the less they understand the HUMAN MIND. Hard to believe?

Aren’t the brain and mind pretty much the same thing???


The brain is physical. It has neurons, dendrites, synapses, and grey matter—constantly firing messages in all directions throughout your body.

But the MIND—is not physical. It’s your inner consciousness. It’s how you think and behave, your deep emotions, and pretty much everything else that defines how you feel, act, and the decisions you make.

In short, your mind, specifically your subconscious—is your BLUEPRINT. Your makeup. Your very own unique architectural design.

I have a PhD. in behavioral psychology from Pacific Western University, and that’s just the beginning. I’ve worked as a psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, master hypnotist and personal performance trainer. Plus, I’m highly trained in all forms of Energy Therapy including TFT, TAT, and EFT.

[Editor’s note: I’m not very comfortable discussing my credentials. I’m not looking to boast. I was torn about whether to include them here or not, but the thing is, people often ask me about them, because these days, my area of expertise is flooded with so-called “gurus” who...well—let’s just say they may not be completely qualified to do as they claim. So I think it’s important to let you know that I am what I say I am.]

My decades of studying, training, and helping millions (literally) change and reshape their “subconscious blueprint” led me to uncover and expose deep dark secrets about how our minds operate.

So when I say I’ve been studying YOU for 30 years, I mean it.

And let me tell you—while recreating your subconscious mind takes SOME effort, it’s way simpler than you’d imagine. It’s so self-evident, it’s staring us in the face.

Why then, do so many people TRY to change, while few SUCCEED? How can something so simple be so insanely unattainable?

Imagine a bank vault with 10 million dollars’ worth of gold coins. You’re 5 feet away from wealth and riches. The formula is simple—enter the vault, collect the coins, and leave. Couldn’t be easier. Right?

There’s one hitch. You DON’T have the KEY. Yikes! Uh oh. Without inserting that little hunk of metal into the keyhole, turning, and unlocking the latch…

You’re totally powerless.

The reason most people never get deep into their subconscious to redefine their blueprint and reinvent their destiny—is NOT because it’s too HARD.

It’s because they don’t have the key!!!

Well, I’ve discovered the key. It’s not metal, or even tangible, but it’s a very real “trigger”. I’ve mastered using it to bypass something called your “inner gatekeeper”, which is like the door of the bank vault—it’s the only thing standing between you and your “subconscious blueprint.”

This is perhaps the most life-changing discovery I’ve ever made. But before I get carried away—let me step back, and explain the science behind this stuff.

Your “Subconscious Blueprint” and “Inner Gatekeeper”

I recently observed something fascinating at a video arcade. That’s right, a video arcade!

A 5 year old boy spotted an exciting car racing game—one with cool lights and sound effects. Like any 5 year old, he started turning the wheel back and forth and pressing the “turbo boost” button. As he watched the screen, he saw the car racing around the track, and suddenly got excited!

He was racing a sports car at top speed.  He was in the drivers’ seat, in total control.

Or was he? Not so fast!

The boy had NOT inserted a token. He controlled NOTHING. He turned the wheel again and again, pressed on the gas, and hit “turbo”, while the car on the screen raced around the track. But guess what?

It was an illusion! Without a token, the boy had zero control!

And then—I was slammed, as if by a tsunami, with a shocking thought... (Warning: This will frighten you, have no doubt.)

YOU are the five year old boy! In fact, we ALL are!

We are deluded to believe we are steering, in the driver’s seat, in total control. We see the car racing with us inside, and we keep steering, figuring we MUST be making it happen.

When in reality—we never bothered to put in the token.

Our steering is a waste of time, effort, and energy. The computer and central processor deep within us—HAS BEEN ON AUTOPILOT THE WHOLE TIME!

It’s more than a painful delusion. It damages our psyche. It rocks us to the core. We steer responsibly, yet the results go haywire. We blame ourselves, assuming that since we’re in the driver’s seat, we must not know how to drive!

We feel silly, inadequate, incapable, and foolish. Our self-esteem is crushed, and our hearts are torn to shreds.

In reality—we’re talented, hardworking, and super capable. We were simply never shown the token!

Why Your Subconscious is the Key to Change

The steering wheel—is your conscious mind. It makes your daily decisions, and governs your outer behavior, movement, and sensory function. When you eat an apple, your conscious mind “steers” your hand to your mouth, and tells your mandible to chew. When you break your diet, or say something silly, it’s your conscious that makes that happen.

Your subconscious is your supercomputer, your central processing unit. It’s the arcade game that controls the cars going around the track. It makes deep decisions, and governs what goes on “behind the scenes.”

Your subconscious decides right from wrong, makes you succeed or fail, and is responsible for careless or thoughtless mistakes. It gives you confidence, fear, anxiety, stress, strength, weakness, happiness, and lots of other emotions. It makes you confident or afraid to build deep relationships, determines how you perform at work, and does many more vital tasks that decide your life’s path and direction.

It’s like the computer that controls the car’s movements BEFORE you insert a token.

Insert the token, and bam!—you’ve connected your conscious with your subconscious. Now you can steer and control your subconscious, and inject it with the power to manifest your hopes and dreams of abundance, success, prosperity, and be free from your self-imposed psychological prison.

But without a token—you have little or no control. You’re a mere passenger, trapped in your own body, unable to escape and take control.

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What Prevents this Vital Connection?

Just as the video game prevents the steering wheel from controlling the game, your subconscious is blocked and well-protected by something called the “inner gatekeeper.” As its name implies, it guards the “gate” that surrounds your subconscious, and prevents you from accessing its blueprint.

And like the arcade game, the right “key” or token can bypass the gatekeeper, so you can control your supercomputer.

Your inner gatekeeper is actually a GOOD thing...well, most of the time. It’s called the “Critical Factor”, and it LOVES status quo. It wants things to remain exactly as they are, and prevents almost everything that tries to penetrate your subconscious.

Think about it. It would be dangerous if your subconscious were exposed to everything you see and hear. You’d do crazy things. If someone told you to jump off a roof or run into a flaming building—and your subconscious heard that message—you’d be in serious trouble.

It’s imperative to have an efficient “vetting system” to keep harmful messages out.

That system is the inner gatekeeper. It’s like a call screener keeping away telemarketers, or a spam box that ensures your inbox isn’t flooded with junk.

The problem is—the critical factor gets carried away, and filters everything out—even the good stuff. Like a call screener who prevents an important call we’re desperate for. Or an urgent email you find in spam, days after you expected it.

(This next part is the key to solving most of your problems, so please keep reading…)

When your conscious decides to quit smoking, and sends the message, the inner gatekeeper stops it in its tracks. It means well. It’s trying to protect you from danger, but it simply can’t distinguish between good and bad.

When your conscious decides to work extra hours to earn a promotion, your inner gatekeeper blocks the message, and the thought goes nowhere.

When you’re about to spend money on a device you don’t need, and your conscious frantically yells “Don’t do it!”, your gatekeeper blocks the message.

And when you stick chocolate cake in your mouth, and your conscious says “Control yourself”, your gatekeeper says “Sorry, we’re keeping the status quo. “ And the cake keeps coming.

You’ve blamed your problems on lack of self-control. In reality, it’s got nothing to do with self-control!

Without the tools and methods to override your inner gatekeeper, you don’t stand a fighting chance!

Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis is the key to unlock the gate, get around the gatekeeper, and most importantly, be in TOTAL CONTROL. It’s proven, and works quicker than you can imagine. And best of all, it’s permanent.

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Don’t worry—even though you’ll learn how to bypass the gatekeeper, you won’t be in harm’s way. It will be fully intact to block harmful messages from infiltrating your subconscious. My proven technique is carefully formulated to allow ONLY the good stuff to bypass the inner gatekeeper, while the harmful stuff is kept far away and out of sight.

in•san•i•ty \in-ˈsa-nə-tē\: Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results

Until now, no matter what you’ve tried, you couldn’t achieve your desires. Your subconscious sabotaged you. Think about “conventional” approaches to problem-solving and healing—like therapy, medicines, and mainstream self-help techniques. They have one thing in common—they try to fix you from the outside in.

That makes no sense. Your subconscious is calling the shots. You can change your externals, talk and listen to a therapist, and take all sorts of medicines—but bottom line, they won’t make a DENT in your subconscious.

You’ve got to control from WITHIN. It’s the most direct and effective approach.

And when you think about it, it’s the only approach that makes sense.

You need to reshape yourself. You can’t keep driving a broken car and hope it gets fixed. You need to get under the hood and get to the heart of the problem.

Now you have a fresh, deep and powerful insight into why you cannot achieve your goals and attain success, happiness, and prosperity.

I spent years creating, tweaking, and perfecting my proven system, studying the experiences of hundreds of people. It will bypass your inner gatekeeper and redesign your subconscious blueprint.

This is the “token”. Your inner gatekeeper is strongest when you’re on high alert. That’s why times of stress are the hardest times to change and be strong.

The more you relax your mind and harmonize your thoughts and emotions, the more off-guard your gatekeeper will be. Essentially, it’ll be “asleep at the switch.”

By relaxing your “brain muscles” into a state of deep, powerful calm and harmony, you “switch off” your gatekeeper. You’ll have a clear, solid, super-strong connection with your subconscious—without anything getting in the way to reject the message.

It won’t take much time and effort every time you want to get to your subconscious. I’ve developed an exclusive technique to install a powerful trigger mechanism FOR you. Essentially, this will enable you to flip your inner gatekeeper on and off like a light switch.

Once you have a direct pipeline to your subconscious, you’re ready for the life-changing part—redesigning and recreating your blueprint. It’s the ultimate answer and solution to your problems. As I explained, all the willpower in the world cannot overcome your subconscious as it completely steers your destiny and ability to succeed and prosper.

I’ll show you how to be your own architect, and rewrite your subconscious blueprint. Deliberate Creation is a life-altering process that will reinvigorate and inject you with a new passion for life, and the tools to conquer the world and really triumph.

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Quick and Lasting Change

I don’t just want to solve your problems and transform your life. I want it to be fast, convenient, and permanent.

It’s frustrating to work hard and see little results. It’s like going to the gym week after week, and not seeing a change in your weight and physique. You end up more frustrated than before you started.

My system works as quickly as possible, while maintaining maximum effectiveness. You’ll be astonished at the level of concrete change in a matter of days.

And I’m not looking to make you dependent on me. This is a permanent, lasting solution. Some people dangle a carrot over you, they may have your best-interest at heart, but their approach is not self-sustaining. That forces you into a long-lasting dependency.

I worked hard to develop a program that fully recreates and transforms your subconscious blueprint. The change is permanent.

Your subconscious is your supercomputer. Once it’s running on all cylinders, you’ll need nothing more.

With my system, your subconscious blueprint will be self-sufficient, and never dependent on follow-ups and continuous ”rewiring”.

I’m not looking to create a group of dependent followers. I’m looking to help humanity.

Grab this Opportunity Today!

It’s not every day that you come across real solutions to your problems. Lots of people will promise the world. That part is easy.

But rarely will someone with real credentials, who spent their life studying the deepest recesses of the human mind, offer you a proven system to reprogram and rewrite your subconscious blueprint, and give you back control of your life, choices, destiny, success, abundance, and prosperity.

This is your chance to take back your life. After all your hard work, you deserve this. Your subconscious will be forever grateful to be free from its crippling prison.

Don’t make it wait any longer. Get this program today!

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Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony
Personal Performance Consultant

P.S. I want to give you every chance to succeed with this program and allow you to get started today with no risk...

My 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee

I'm so confident Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis will transform your life... financially, emotionally, in every area... that I'm willing to take all the risk, and lay bare my most prized work for the taking...

I know that it is impossible to fail if you follow the simple steps. It is impossible not to get results because that would be the first time in history that these principles have failed.

That’s why I offer my 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee. The only way this program can “fail”, is if you fail to apply it to your life. However, if you find you are not totally thrilled with the results… I’ll refund your full purchase price on the spot. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either. Just return your product and you'll receive a full refund.

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