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"Hello Doc,
Thanks so much for helping me GET IT!
Today I had an awesome ah ha moment about living in the NOW!
I instantly felt my body go into a high vibration/feel good feeling cuzz
all of a sudden I felt and still feel empowered that I actually can and do have the choice to control my life, in the now.
I have been buzzing ever since I am writing this email 3 hrs later still on
a high!!!
Thank you Doc,
You are AWESOME!!"

"When I first started listening, I was in a low place. So many things were out of alignment and I could feel it. Due to things I was facing, my creativity and self-confidence were at an all-time low. However, I kept listening to the audio every day. I started blocking out all negativity via social media, tv, radio, etc. I also focused on ways to add value to the lives of others. Three weeks ago, things started turning around for me. By focusing on how I can serve and using what I already had, I created $15,000 in my business with an idea. 
This audio helped me to realize that I had all I needed to provide income on my terms. I have been so fulfilled helping others realize their dreams because I can CERTIFY results in my own life.
Thank you for conducting that audio. It was LIFE CHANGING. I no longer lack the confidence I need to play full out and create the live I desire."